Path to Independence: Your Role

Teaming up with a purebred, intelligent, people-loving Collie, bred and raised and trained by Collies for Mobility & Support will bring you mobility and with it, renewed self-esteem and personal independence. You will not only feel good, you will feel in control of your life again.

A collie trained for assistance with mobility is also an excellent companion.Our initial consultations will give us the opportunity to get acquainted: we learn about your frustrations and hopes, about your special abilities, physical rhythm and energy level, and about your primary support person. We may hear stories about your previous dogs, and we will discuss all aspects of life with a canine partner. If we feel that a Collie for Mobility & Support can provide you with the assistance you need, we will select the most promising trainee for you and proceed with his or her training.

Learning to work as a team is a process of living and growing together. Your partner will be an active participant in all aspects of your life. He or she will be present to help and support you, and to love and protect you. Your dog will act in response to your verbal requests as well as your shifting weight and your changing pace. Your partner will not simply follow your directions but will do what you need.

Keep in mind that you will be a team member. You will be the navigator – deciding when and where to go. Your canine partner will be the engineer who makes your progress and movement smooth and steady. Trainers act as the transmission fluid that helps the partnership shift gear – to become more confident, efficient, and secure.

Building a successful partnership is an extended education process for both human and canine partners. Through exploration and with experience, you will discover what works for you. You will learn to read the subtle signals of body language. Your sharpened perception and skill in “reading” your dog will help you understand what motivates your dog. Whenever you elicit a desired response, you will feel your strength as a team. Communicate with your partner as to an equal, with respect and appreciation of every effort, and gradually you’ll find your personal comfort level.