Getting Started

We welcome your participation in Collies for Mobility and Support (CMS) program. This overview is designed to guide you through the process.

This exciting adventure begins when you fill out and submit your application form!

We will review your application and contact you to let you know if you qualify for a CMS dog. If so, we will set a date with you for a meeting in person.

At this meeting we will review your application together, ask and answer questions, and introduce you to our collies.

If we feel that the CMS program is right for you, we will offer you a contract. As soon as you sign and return your contract with your first payment, you will be in our “active” group of clients. Being in the active group means that all elements being a good match, you will be assigned one of our candidate dogs currently in training!

Once you have a dog assigned, you are welcome to visit throughout the dogs preparation and training

The cost for a trained dog, team training and equipment is a package price – contact us for current costs. We have two payment options:

  1. Half down at the signing of the contract and the balance when training is complete and before Team Training begins; OR
  2. Four equal payments spread throughout your dog’s training and preparation.

Team Training is the exciting process of transition and transformation for both you and your dog – a time when you will both have an opportunity to learn, live and work together with full-time support and guidance.

Following Team Training we require a six-month followup period when we want to hear from you and your primary support person, in writing. These written reports of your progress and teamwork will help us provide valuable followup!

Congratulations on your decision to become the human part of a very special partnership!