Collies for Mobility and Support

Our mission is to provide trained collies that enhance the lives and improve the function of people living with balance and mobility challenges.

Collies for mobility and support can help with all kinds of needs.An assistance collie helps a man get around more easily.Since 1990, our collies have provided assistance with mobility and balance – allowing their partners to conserve energy while increasing their independence and safety. Partnership with a Collie for Mobility & Support will help you to develop new strategies in movement, exercise, and rest, that allow you to accomplish your goals with less effort each day.

Our program offers you an enriching lifestyle choice. A unique relationship with a Service Dog. A partnership that blends the qualities our Collies bring to this work; with our special philosophy of training dogs and teaching people!

Philosophy of Training

A collie assists a woman with stability.A collie trained for assistance with mobility is also an excellent companion.Our Collies are taught that their efforts will always be rewarded. They never hear the word no. Punishment is not a concept they are familiar with. If they dont succeed totally in an effort, they are rewarded warmly for trying, and given another opportunity to succeed more fully. In this way, our Collies learn that they have nothing to lose by trying to succeed! Also, that their efforts make us very happy!

This philosophy gives us many opportunities to build confidence, sustained effort, eagerness to please, focus, and love of the work. Our training program gradually introduces and integrates the Service Work into our Collies lives. This allows them to have long, happy and fulfilling working careers.

Most of our dogs retire at about 9 years of age, and remain in the home of their partners as beloved and respected companions. If for any reason, this is not possible, we will gladly match them with devoted “Collie People” who are eager to provide them with a special retirement. A retirement full of love, security and comfort.

Contact us for more information. We welcome your contact and questions!